Pierre Henry

Son/Ré association

Historical references

The association SON/RÉ (SON ET RECHERCHE ÉLECTROACOUSTIQUE) was created in 1982, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, by Maurice Fleuret, Director of Music, in order to allow the composer Pierre Henry, thanks to a renewed equipment, to pursue his work and his research.

This new Studio, located at 32, rue de Toul 75012 Paris (1982-2018), succeeded the last Studio Apsome, the first private Studio in Europe dedicated to this music, directed, animated and financed by Pierre Henry.

Since November 2018, Son/Ré has been located at 3, passage Hennel 75012 Paris, where its activities continue on a permanent basis.

photos du studio passage Hennel


Missions of the association

The purpose of this association is to innovate and create in the fields of electroacoustic, electronic, digital music and related fields as well as to disseminate, by all means, its achievements, in particular through publishing and production. The creation, acquisition, exploitation, broadcasting, distribution, in any form and by any means, and in particular by sale, rental, publication, editing, graphic, music-mechanical, phonographic, sound and visual reproduction and on any medium, by all known processes, paper, discs, films, tapes, cables, radio, television, telecommunication, press, computer and digital etc. ... and by all processes that will be discovered in the future, literary, artistic and scientific, dramatic, musical and theatrical works, in whatever form they may take.

It shall encourage the invention and development of technical processes of creation.

It organises, alone or in collaboration with other groups with a similar or complementary vocation, cultural events and shows in which electroacoustic, electronic and digital music may be associated with other forms of expression, such as visual, dramatic and choreographic.

It also has a heritage mission to safeguard and promote the musical collection of all of Pierre Henry's work which it houses.



Son/Ré is supported by the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d'île-de-France, Ministry of culture, by the City of Paris, by the Sacem and by the Comité du coeur of the Sacem.

Members of Son/Ré

President: Gérard Davoust

Treasurer: Roger-Pierre Hermont

General Secretary: Georges Barthès de Ruyter


Administrator, artistic director: Isabelle Warnier

Musical assistant, archivist: Bernadette Mangin

Documentalist, website management: Agnès Alidières

Honorary members

Laure Adler, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Georges Aperghis, François Barré, François Bayle, Laurent Bayle, Jacquie Buffin, Hugues R. Gall, Jack Lang, Bernard Latarjet, Patrice Martinet.