Pierre Henry

Studio Apsome 3

april 1971 - july 1982

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Pierre Henry at studio Apsome 3, 1972 © David Henry / Private collection Pierre Henry


In April 1971, Pierre Henry settles in rue de Toul (12th arrondissement of Paris), in a house he rents for the rest of his life. Two floors, a basement, a courtyard and its annexe, enough space to live and work in peace: Apsome 3.

Now I live on the second floor, I go down two flights of stairs and I'm happy to know that downstairs I'll find my studio in perfect working order (...) I go from a universe where I wait, I think, to a universe where I create.’ (*).

Isabelle Warnier, assistant, is in charge of administration and production. He designs his own electronic arrangements with the help of sound engineer and builder Jean Heuzé, and continues to experiment with new sound techniques, notably with composer Bernard Bonnier - Futuristie is a tribute to the futurist Luigi Russolo, and his Art des bruits (Art of Noises, 1913). The show features an installation of 50 loudspeakers on the stage of the Palais de Chaillot (Paris), in 1975.

For three months, the composer locked himself up in his basement: ‘to record a host of new sounds. I had collected a lot of objects and materials of all kinds, sometimes salvaged from local flea markets, pieces of wood, metal, old ustensils, pieces of plastic, pipes, and rare instruments such as duck calls and horns, as well as some sounds sampled from a piano. I must say that in this time I completely renewed my sound library.’ (**).

The orchestra of Cabasse speakers is expanded with new models and the studio is equipped with additional recording equipment, including a Beyer microphone, three Neumanns and two Sennheisers.

(*) Pierre Henry – Entretiens bucoliques et itinérants avec Isabelle Warnier – n° 1, 2014, Paris, Archives Pierre Henry, p. 3.
(**) Le Son, la nuit, interviews with Franck Mallet, Paris, Éditions de la Philharmonie, 2017, p. 82-8
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Pierre Henry at the studio, 1974 © Phonogram / Jacques Aubert / Private collection Pierre Henry
Studio Apsome 3, 1975 - Luc Verrier © Son/Ré
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Pierre Henry locates a sound on the tape recorder, Paris, 1972 © David Henry/Private collection Pierre Henry
Pierre Henry at studio Apsome 3, 1972 © David Henry / Private collection Pierre Henry

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